How much money does it take to cover entire US with chargers ?

To cover the entire US (area=3,794,101 sq miles) with one charger every 15 miles (i.e. 225 sq miles), requires 17,000 chargers. Even at $50K per charger that is less than $1B ($850M). Compare that to $4.8B that was paid in tax credits for Ethanol in 2009 alone.

In one stroke this would ger rid off the “range anxiety” FUD.

Congress should start thinking along these lines – instead of granting money to install thousands of chargers in one city. They should first start with free ways – install one fast charger every 15 miles – in the nearest gas station or rest area. Once this is done, they can branch out to highways and other roads to cover the entire country.


~ by evnow on July 7, 2010.

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