Nissan LEAF

LEAF is a highway speed capable pure BEV (battery electric vehicle) that Nissan plans to start selling in the US and Japan starting late 2010. The car will be available the world over in all markets starting 2012. It is expected to sell for somewhere between $25,000 and $33,000.

Nissan Leaf

As such, LEAF will be the first mass marketed highway speed capable Electric Vehicle in the US.

Some quick facts about Nissan LEAF :

Powered by : 24 KWh Lithium Manganese batteries

Range : 100 miles on a charge (city driving)

Price : 25,000 – 33,000 (before $7,500 federal and other state incentives)

Size : Compact Hatchback (similar in size to Toyota Prius)

Availability : Japan and some US cities like Seattle, San Diego, Nashville in 2010

General availability starting 2012

Charging : 16-18 hours using normal 110 V, 4-8 hours using 220 V and 30 minutes (80%) using special charging station being installed in some cities

Top Speed : 90 mph

Battery Life : After 5 years, battery will have 80% of original capacity.

Official Website : Nissan Leaf


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